Weekly Service

Regular service is vital to keeping your pool clean, beautiful, and ready to use throughout the summer. Our weekly pool service allows you to enjoy your pool without having to worry about maintaining it yourself. We offer two levels of service: Standard and Comprehensive, available weekly or bi-weekly.

Both will keep your pool sparkling clean through the spring and summer and allow you more time to enjoy your pool! With our Comprehensive Service, you get the added benefit of convenient same-day replacement and repair of any broken or leaky parts, minimizing pool downtime and maximizing splash-time.


Maintenance Service

Comprehensive Service

Schedule Weekly or Bi-Weekly Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Skim debris from pool
Vacuum pool bottom and walls
Clean pool walls
Treat the water (all chemicals included)
Clean skimmers
Clean pump baskets
Backwash filter if needed
Clean stairs
Spot clean as needed
Inspect filter
Clean filter
Clean automatic cleaner bag or screen
Check for leaks
Check for other maintenance issues
Clean automatic cover
Leave a note detailing services completed
Replace broken skimmer baskets same day (no additional cost)
Replace broken or leaky plugs same day (no additional cost)
Replace broken or leaky gaskets same day (no additional cost)

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