Automatic Covers
& Pool Automation

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers, which close off your pool whenever you’re not using it, are a smart choice for many reasons. They help reduce evaporation, decrease energy use, and prevent wear and tear on your heater. Automatic covers also improve pool safety by protecting children and pets from wandering into an unsupervised pool. When it comes to safety and convenience, automatic covers are an investment that can save money and provide peace of mind.

We sell, install, maintain, and repair automatic covers for pools of all shapes and sizes. We also offer an automated smart cover system, which puts your entire pool system in sleep mode and covers the pool service safely, securely, and quickly—all in under a minute, with the push of a button.

Whole-Pool Automation

Want to control your entire pool through your phone? C&S Pools can make it happen. In addition to automated pool covers, we offer whole-pool automation systems, allowing you to control everything from pumps to lights through your phone.


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