Our Custom
Pool Process



The first step is determining the size, shape, and location of your pool. We’ll come to you for an on-site inspection and consultation to help you determine the best pool for your yard. We take everything into account during the design process, from easements, utility lines, and sewer lines to sunlight, shade trees, and the lay of the land.



Pools require permits—but you don’t need to worry about the paperwork! Our team will complete your permit application and turn it in to the county planning commission for approval before construction begins.



Once we obtain the proper permits and finalize the pool plans with you, construction can begin! Our excavation crew will lay out the pool area and start digging. This can usually be completed in one day, unless we hit bedrock, which can delay excavation slightly. During the excavation stage, we’ll also deliver all materials to the site so we can keep the process moving quickly.



Once we’ve shaped the excavation area, we set the steel frame and install the steps, skimmers, and returns. We pour a concrete collar around the outside perimeter of the pool to support the pool walls. We also schedule the required electrical inspection during this time.

After the pool is framed and the collar is poured, we mix, pour, and hand-trowel the bottom of the pool. We only use professional-grade pool Krete for this step, which creates a strong, durable foundation for the liner. Once the bottom is set, we install the liner and plumbing lines.


Filling and Backfilling

Once the liner is installed, we prep the pool for the concrete decking. This involves filling the pool with water and backfilling the exterior of the pool with gravel to equalize pressure on the walls and keep everything in place for the concrete deck pour.


Deck Construction

Time to install the concrete decking! We’ll compact the area, check for any last-minute changes, and pour the decking. Up until this point, you can change the size and shape of the deck and add water features like deck jets and slide lines, but after this point, it’s set in stone.



Once the concrete sets, we hook up your filtration system. We’ll also complete any final grade work on your yard at this time.


Final Inspection

A final inspection from the county or city is required before your pool can be used. We’ll schedule the inspection for you. Upon passing the inspection, your pool is officially ready for use!



Pool School is a part of every pool we construct. This training course with one of our service experts will teach you the proper way to operate and care for your pool. We’ll take as much time as you need to make sure you’re comfortable with your new investment. We’ll also deliver all your maintenance equipment at this time.


Dive in

The work is over—now it’s time for the fun! Call your friends and family, jump in, and enjoy your new pool! Remember, we’re always here to answer any questions, handle your regular pool service, and keep your pool running smoothly for years to come.

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