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If your pool liner is worn, damaged, or out of style, we can fix or replace it. Even the best quality liners require replacement every ten years or so. Replacing your liner is a simple way to upgrade the look and feel of your pool.

Our vinyl liners come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are backed by industry-leading warranties. We use only the highest-quality liners, available in two thicknesses to meet the needs of any pool. Our team of experts will remove and haul away the old liner, install the new one, and get your pool up and running again before you know it.


If the paint on your concrete pool is chipping—or if you’re just ready for a change—we offer professional repainting services. Paint is a great way to give your pool a fresh new look to match any décor.

Note: chipping paint can be caused by high calcium levels or poor water quality. Our team can test your water to identify any issues that might be causing the chipping to help protect your new paint job.


Lighting can completely change the look and feel of a pool, day or night. We can update your basic white pool lights with a smart LED lighting system that allows you to change the colors of your lighting, enjoy light shows, and control your lights from your phone.

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